Telus Funds RJV’s “Upgrading Youth Engagement” Project

We’re so thankful for Telus funding our latest project, “Upgrading Youth Engagement.”

Over the next seven months, we’ll be using technology to innovatively engage youth and increase our efficiency in delivering restorative justice services in three ways. We will create:

  • A video about restorative justice using a youth-focused lens that will better inform youth clients about the work we do, namely our philosophy, goals, and values, which will also include an online quiz following it;
  • An online orientation for our youth clients (victims and offenders) that introduces more details about our services and program guidelines, as well as some of the more complex concepts in our work like accountability, remorse, and root causes of crime; and
  • Marketing materials that outline our program for youth clients that can be distributed to youth, parents, and referral sources (e.g. police and Crown).

We can’t wait to get started!


RJ-Victim Services Partnership Guide

The purpose of this partnership guide is to encourage, support, and enable police-based victim services and restorative justice agencies to develop and strengthen formal working relationships with one another. The overarching goal of this project is to enhance services to better meet the needs of victims involved in restorative justice in British Columbia. A more comprehensive version of this guide is available upon request.

This project was supported through a contribution from the Civil Forfeiture Office in partnership with Victim Services and Crime Prevention Division, Ministry of Justice, Province of British Columbia.


Restorative Justice-Victim Services Partnership Guide

Appendices (Word doc)

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Register Now for YYJ’s National Victims of Crime Week Symposium!

We’re excited to announce that the BC Law Society approved this event for CPD credits.

Register now for Victoria’s third annual symposium in honour of National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week: this Monday, May 30th, 1 – 5pm at the University of Victoria.

Register here.

Please distribute to anyone who may be interested!

-Restorative Justice Victoria, in collaboration with Greater Victoria Police Victim Services and the Men’s Trauma Centre


YYJ National Victims of Crime Week Symposium - May 30, 2016