Victims & Survivors of Crime Symposium

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This year’s symposium was perhaps our best yet. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Here’s some feedback from the audience:

  • “Strength and resilience happen in community, not isolation.”
  • “I really appreciate the discussion around the different ways resiliency looks…thank you for putting this on again.”
  • “I learned a lot about deconstructing stereotypes about indigenous people.”
  • “There are so many diverse opportunities to work with and help people. Also there is so much importance in bearing witness to stories.”
  • “…[R]esilience is a different and continuous process for everyone.”
  • “To embody, support and honour resilience – individual and collective expressions. As an attendee in other victim’s symposiums, this particular symposium, with the phenomenal voices for and of resilience was important, necessary, and inspiring.”
  • “This is such an important forum and I wish more people were here.”


We also asked participants the following questions, and their ratings were all positive:

  • “I found the speakers to be educational.” 82% said “strongly agree,” and 18% said “agree.”
  • “I found the symposium to be well-organized.” 64% said “strongly agree,” 32% said “agree,” and one person said “neutral”
  • “I found the symposium to be valuable.” 81% said “strongly agree,” and 19% said “agree.”


A huge thanks to the Department of Justice for funding the symposium!

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A few photos:




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