RJV currently has four volunteer-run committees, which typically accept new members year-round.

Governance and Operations Committee
This committee will:
-Support office resources and technology needs
-Help with personnel matters
-Work on policy development
-Coordinate an annual strategic planning meeting

Finance & Fundraising Committee
This committee will:

-Establish our corporate donations strategy and a strategy for broader public support
-Organize fundraising events
-Maintain an up-to-date list of donors/funders, ensure proper recognition
-Research potential new sources of funding/grants
-Establish a reserve fund

Communications and Outreach Committee
This committee will:
-Plan events for RJ week each year (November)
-Develop a media/communications strategy
-Integrate branding into our materials, website, communications
-Plan and deliver workshops/materials about how to explain RJV
-Develop a political strategy
-Represent RJV at community events, info fairs, etc
-Help organize annual open houses/AGM

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