Staff & Board of Directors

Our Staff 

  • Gillian Lindquist, BA: Executive Director (on maternity leave until November 2017)
    Gillian Lindquist has been working in the restorative justice field since 2009. She was first introduced to the concept through her training and practice as a mediator. Gillian holds a Certificate in Conflict Management, a Certificate in Restorative Justice and a Degree in Justice Studies. She is a life-long learner so continues to grow and expand her knowledge through ongoing training, reading and reflective practice. Gillian is the 2013 recipient of CSC’s National Ron Wiebe Award for her work in restorative justice.


  • Jessica Rourke, PhD: Acting Executive Director
    Jessica has been volunteering with restorative justice since 2009. She sat on the board of Restorative Justice Oak Bay for 3 years and acted as the interim Executive Director of Restorative Justice Victoria from 2015-2016. Currently she is RJV’s Case Manager. Jessica holds a PhD in Psychology and has taken a number of mediation and dispute resolution courses. In addition to her work in restorative justice, Jessica teaches at UVic and Camosun College.


  • Shanna Grant-Warmald, MA: Program and Volunteer Manager
    Shanna began volunteering with RJV in 2010, and became the Program and Volunteer Manager in 2011. She holds a diploma in Criminal Justice from Camosun College, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Justice Studies from Royal Roads University, and a Masters of Comparative Criminology and Criminal Justice Degree from Bangor University. She also works with mediator Gordon White, and teaches as an online course on restorative justice for police officers via KMC Training. Shanna is the 2015 recipient of SFU’s Hummingbird Award for her work in restorative justice.


  • Carol Larsen, BSN; M.Ed.(cnps): Case Manager
    Carol has been volunteering with Restorative Justice Victoria since 2015, and came on as a staff member in 2016. She has a background in nursing (UVic) and counselling psychology (UBC). Carol is a clinical/family counsellor in private practice and a psycho-educational facilitator and lecturer.


Our Board

The members of our board take a very active role in strategic development, raising funds, managing finances, community outreach and organization oversight. They often lend a hand with the day-to-day operation of the organization. The expertise and skill which our board members bring to the table is a key facet of our organization’s success.

Current Board of Directors

  • Alyne Mochan, Chair of the Board
  • Jo-Ann Youmans, Secretary
  • Devin Arnold, Treasurer
  • Aharon Ittah
  • Alison Paine
  • Daye Cooper
  • Euan Thomson
  • Naomi Gitterman

Board Member Bio – Alyne Mochan

I was introduced to restorative justice several years ago, after taking the facilitator training workshop.   I had just finished law school, and the idea
of a different approach to the traditional justice system appealed to me.

For the first few years as a volunteer, I participated in circles as a facilitator, co-facilitator and mentor.  The power of the process to bring together people who have experienced hurt, shame, and anger and see them come to a place of healing, understanding and acceptance is truly remarkable.  What I value most about the process is that we are there to support people through some of the most difficult moments of their lives, whether it is facing up to the shame and guilt of harming someone, or moving past the fear and anger of being armed.   I know that our work really does make a difference and lives are changed for the better, some dramatically so.

I have been on the board for the past five years, the past two as Chair.  Although I miss being a witness to the transformative power of the circle, I really enjoy being on the board.  There’s so much that needs to be done behind the scenes to keep our organization going! It is interesting and challenging work that has great rewards.  I also feel privileged to work with such amazingly talented and dedicated people.

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