Testimonials & Support

RJV is pleased to have a great deal of community support, as well as some very positive words to share from people who have participated in our programs.

Below are some quotes from various clients and partners.  You can read more here.

“The support and leadership you provided throughout this challenging period was remarkable. From our first contact with VRJS through to the natural resolution, the process was conducted professionally and in a very considerate manner. We truly felt the needs of [organization] were supported and at no time were we pressured or uncomfortable with the process.”
Affected party referred by VicPD, 2015

“Restorative justice gave me my life back… getting answers to the questions I needed to ask… seeing the offender wasn’t the monster I’d imagined him to be, having him apologize and explain himself took away my fear of the unknown…and the whole process, the agreement he completed, were far from lenient.” –Affected party referred by VicPD

“This is truly an amazing process in the right set of circumstances.  I believe very effective for victims too.”  -Affected party referred by Crown, 2012

“The style of policing in Oak Bay lends itself well to a restorative justice approach.  RJV immediately took steps to develop a relationship with our staff. This proactive approach to relationship building and the education of our members led to a smooth transition and an immediate increase in referrals. This regular contact continues today and I have received many positive comments about the RJV staff.” – OBPD Chief Constable Andy Brinton, 2016

“Restorative Justice Victoria’s innovative partnerships with VicPD officers have brought together responsible parties and affected parties to help restore our communities’ sense of health and safety. The expertise and caring professionalism with which the RJV staff and volunteers approach each file are transformative for all involved. Our officers speak time and again to the value that these files have to our community. Restorative Justice Victoria are valued partners in our work in keeping our community safe and healthy.” – VicPD Acting Chief Constable Del Manak, 2016

“I have been a big supporter of the restorative justice process… The impact of letting the victim address the offender, having the offender learn how their actions placed a mental, physical and financial burden on another human being is immeasurable. I have sat in a restorative justice circle and watched the face of the offender change as they realized how their actions also affected the community and how it stripped the safety and security felt by a neighborhood. The court systems may order fines and take away freedoms but it is not designed to empower the victim and replace the trust in humanity that the restorative justice process allows.” – Cst. Mark Buerfiend, former RJ-Police Liaison Officer, Victoria Police Department

“I am a very strong supporter of the [Victoria] Restorative Justice Program.”
-The Honorable Judge Quantz

“A committed team who works with the community to build self-esteem, community connections and meaningful volunteer experiences, VRJS exhibits the leadership and resourcefulness required to accomplish their goals of developing a supportive community that embraces and supports youth.”
Tara Jaskowiak, former youth volunteer program coordinator at Volunteer Victoria

“With the utmost patience and professional attention the facilitators provided me with an outlet to let my motivations be known and get my side of the story out.  By working with me rather than against me which may have been the case in the provincial judicial system I was able to avoid a serious black spot on my record and instead directly apologize to the offended, learn another side to the story, and reflect on my own detrimental behavior.  I have learned a lot from the experience and am thankful for the help that the facilitators of the Victoria Restorative Justice Society have given me.”
-Responsible party referred by VicPD

“I put a human face to the harm I caused.”
-Responsible party referred by Crown

“I would like to see restorative justice in Victoria become one of the cornerstones of community policing. Restorative justice is a common sense approach to dealing with certain offenders who admit responsibility for their crimes and is a surefire way to hold them accountable for their actions while simultaneously addressing the needs of victims. Restorative justice saves money, it streamlines resources and consequences are experienced immediately.”
– Former Chief Jamie Graham, Victoria Police Department
(You can also read his Statement of Support from 2012)

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