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BC NDP’s Plans for a Province-Wide Restorative Justice System

We’re thrilled that the BC NPD are calling for a province-wide restorative justice system! You can read the Globe and Mail article here.

We also put together a collection of References to RJ in Canadian Publications you may find interesting.


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B.C. Solicitor-General Mike Farnworth, shown in this 2015 file photo, said “It works in terms of helping victims with issues around closure, and ensuring they’re heard and the offender is less likely to reoffend. It works.”

Victims & Survivors of Crime Symposium

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This year’s symposium was perhaps our best yet. Thanks to everyone who joined us! Here’s some feedback from the audience:

  • “Strength and resilience happen in community, not isolation.”
  • “I really appreciate the discussion around the different ways resiliency looks…thank you for putting this on again.”
  • “I learned a lot about deconstructing stereotypes about indigenous people.”
  • “There are so many diverse opportunities to work with and help people. Also there is so much importance in bearing witness to stories.”
  • “…[R]esilience is a different and continuous process for everyone.”
  • “To embody, support and honour resilience – individual and collective expressions. As an attendee in other victim’s symposiums, this particular symposium, with the phenomenal voices for and of resilience was important, necessary, and inspiring.”
  • “This is such an important forum and I wish more people were here.”


We also asked participants the following questions, and their ratings were all positive:

  • “I found the speakers to be educational.” 82% said “strongly agree,” and 18% said “agree.”
  • “I found the symposium to be well-organized.” 64% said “strongly agree,” 32% said “agree,” and one person said “neutral”
  • “I found the symposium to be valuable.” 81% said “strongly agree,” and 19% said “agree.”


A huge thanks to the Department of Justice for funding the symposium!

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A few photos:



Victims and Survivors of Crime Week Symposium

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In honour of National Victims and Survivors of Crime Week, Restorative Justice Victoria is hosting our fourth annual symposium at the University of Victoria.


Location: the David Lam Auditorium (room MAC A144 in the MacLaurin Building – click here for a map).

Catering: Ticket prices include coffee, tea, and snacks.

Tickets: The best way to purchase them is online. Tickets will be available at the event for an increased price ($30 for general admission, $25 for seniors and students, and $65 for CPD credits; cash only; please bring exact change). All proceeds will go to symposium costs and Restorative Justice Victoria.

For more information: See our Eventbrite pageWe’ll continue updating it as more information is confirmed. Please contact Shanna or Jessica at Restorative Justice Victoria if you have questions:

  • (250) 383-5801
  • Shanna @
  • Jessica @

This symposium is paid for in part by the Department of Justice through the Federal Government of Canada.