RJ Resources

Some links and information on relevant agencies and reading:
(also check out “RJ in BC’s” reading list here)

British Columbia

RJ Organizations in BC Directory – Updated in 2012
-RJ courses at the Justice Institute of BC
RJ in BC (info and updates about RJ in BC)
-SFU Center for Restorative Justice’s Resource Page
White Paper on Justice Reform – Part 2
-BC Govt’s Report (2014) “Getting Serious About Crime Reduction – Report of the Blue Ribbon Panel
-The Anti-Violence Project’s page on resistance to violence and oppression
Publications by the Centre for Response-Based Practices in Cobble Hill
BC Victim Services
-BC Govt’s Booklet on RJ
Restorative Justice and Police-Based Victim Services Symposium Report 2014

References to RJ in Canadian Publications (an RJV compilation)
RJ Organizations in Canada Directory
Corrections Services Canada’s page on restorative justice
CSC’s “Restorative Opportunities” program for RJ in federal prisons
Public Safety Canada’s page on restorative justice
Federal Victims Bill of Rights Overview
Howard Zehr’s blog on RJ
Links to RJ articles and other resources
The Restorative Justice Fact Book – by the Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Nova Scotia’s RJ page (Nova Scotia has one of the largest and most integrated RJ programs in the world. It is province-wide and has agreed-upon policies, principles, etc, that are shared amongst all programs in the province.  This is in significant contrast to RJ programs in BC, which are all run independently and are relatively disconnected from one another.)
-The Government of Canada’s “A Crime Victim’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System”
Restorative Justice – Impact on Participants – Psychological and Physical Health 2009
-A Process and Outcome Evaluation for ” Working with Trauma: A Joint Workshop for Restorative Justice and Police-Based Victim Services Workers”
The Smart Justice Network of Canada
-Dept of Justice website: “Protecting Victims of Crime” (re: court process)

-From the UK: “Untapped Potential of Restorative Justice for Young Adults
JUST Alternative’s victim-centred principles for victim-offender dialogues
Victim Assistance’s Virtual Library of Articles on Restorative Justice and Mediation
The International Institute for Restorative Practices
The United Nations handbook on restorative justice programs
Restorative Justice: The EvidenceRJ Programming- Review of the Empirical
Restorative Justice’s Impact on Participants’ Psychological and Physical Health
– Nils Christie’s classic article “Conflict as Property”
– “The Art of Powerful Questions” by Eric Vogt, Juanita Brown and David Isaacs
– Book: “The Handbook of Restorative Justice: A Global Perspective” edited by Dennis Sullivan and Larry Tifft
– “Restorative Justice: A Primer and Exploration of Practice Across Two North American Cities,” by Adler School’s Institute on Public Safety and Social Justice
-“WALKING THE TALK: Developing Ethics Frameworks for the Practice of Restorative Justice
Dr. Evelyn Zellerer’s Peace of the Circle Website (Page on RJ)

RJ Philosophy
Retributive vs Restorative Justice Chart

Videos – Heartspeak Productions
Restorative Justice Is The LAW (48 min.)
Through A Relational Lens with Rupert Ross (45 min.)
Population Aging and the Challenges for Corrections with Correctional Investigator Howard Sapers (2 DVD, 52min.& 1hr 38min.)
-RJ and Victim Services symposium – Addressing Trauma. Part 1, Part 2, Part 3


Research on RJ in Canada:
RJ and Recidivism (2003)
Restorative Justice Programs and Services in Criminal Matters: Summary of Consultations (2003)
The Effects of Restorative Justice Programming: A Review of the Empirical
The Collaborative Justice Project (scroll down for stats on research comparing restorative justice and criminal justice across 36 countries)

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