RJ Groups in the Capital Regional District & B.C.

To our knowledge, there are currently seven organizations in the Capital Regional District that provide restorative justice services directly to clients, and two that are involved in the RJ community in other ways.

For a list of contact information for all of the restorative justice programs in B.C. receiving CAP funding, as well as Aboriginal justice programs in B.C., click here.

Note: RJ programs’ jurisdictions are typically aligned with their local police department.

Restorative Justice Services to Clients (in Alphabetical Order)

1. Pender Island Restorative Justice Program
Provides Services to: Pender Island
Works with: Southern Gulf Islands RCMP
Contact: Jim Peacock: japeacock@shaw.ca or 250-629-6003

2. Peninsula Crossroads Community Justice Program
Provides services to
Sidney, Central and North Saanich
Works with
Sidney/N. Saanich RCMP,  Central Saanich Police, School District #63 (Saanich)
no website
Contact info
Andrea Safavi (asafavi@shaw.ca)  and Helena Buchanan (bearhill@shaw.ca)
Training: Liz Cox: 250-656-5424 or eocox@shaw.ca

[Restorative Justice Oak Bay: Closed  in July 2014]

3. Restorative Justice Victoria
Provides services to: Victoria, Esquimalt, and Oak Bay
Works with: Victoria Police Department, Oak Bay Police Department, Crown Counsel, ICBC, University of Victoria, School District 61

4. Saanich Community Justice Initiatives (via the John Howard Society of Victoria)
Provides services to: Saanich
Works with: Saanich Police Department, Crown Counsel
Website: http://johnhoward.victoria.bc.ca/programs.html (look at the bottom of the page)
Contact info: 250-386-3428

5. Salt Spring Island Restorative Justice Program
Provides services to:
Salt Spring Island
Works with:
Contact info: rjustice@ssics.ca

6. West Shore RCMP Restorative Justice
Works with: West Shore RCMP
Website: http://westshore.rcmp-grc.gc.ca/ViewPage.action?siteNodeId=576&languageId=1&contentId=40447
Contact: West Shore RCMP Community Services Section: (250) 391-3327.

7. Youth Probation Office for Extra Judicial Sanctions – Victoria (Youth Clients Only)
Works with:
the Crown Counsel office (it is part of the government)
Website and contact
250-387-4481 (website unknown)

Other Restorative Justice Organizations/Groups

Restorative Justice Coalition
This group is unique in that it meets in William Head Institution, which is a federal penitentiary in Metchosin.  Members of the public go in and speak about restorative justice issues, articles and events with inmates.
Website: no website – please download this Backgrounder for more information
Contact info: David Hough (co-founder and outside member) 250-479-2774

Vancouver Island Region Restorative Justice Association
This group formed in 2009 to unite RJ programs on Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands under one umbrella and give RJ a voice when dealing with common concerns.
Website: http://www.virrja.ca/ 
Contact info: Pearl Hunt (President): pearljhunt@gmail.com or virrja@ymail.com

(Please let us know if your organization/group is missing from this page!)

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