Get Involved!

Interested in getting involved?  Talk to us!

Currently, we have approximately 80 volunteers who take part in a variety of activities including caseworkcommittees, the board of directors, projects (including baking, garage sales, and fundraisers), and research. If you have a passion that isn’t reflected in any of these and are interested in getting involved with us, let us know!

The primary casework positions are facilitators and mentors, which require participating in a six- to eight-week training that we typically run once a year. Because we have a large number of caseworkers at the moment and finished a mentor training in March 2017, we don’t have another training scheduled yet. We send out volunteer openings via email, so we recommend signing up for our mailing list (see below) if you’d like to be notified.

All RJV volunteers must give a minimum commitment of one year, and caseworkers are required to put their names forward for at least six cases per year.

For more information on RJV volunteering opportunities, please contact Shanna Grant-Warmald, the RJV Program and Volunteer Manager, at Shanna @ RJVictoria . com or (250) 383-5801.


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